Other off-leash spots

If you’re feeling adventurous, and willing to drive, here’s a list of some popular East Bay dog walking spots. Please refer to applicable websites for rules and regulations regarding these spots. These spots are all unfenced unless otherwise noted.

Redwood Regional Park, Oakland
This park is very popular with dog walkers, horseback riders, hikers, and bicyclists, especially the Dunn Trail at Skyline and Joaquin Miller Drives. Most of the park is off-leash except for the designated wilderness protection areas.
map it.
East Bay Regional Parks Redwood Park page.

Lower Washington Park dog park, Alameda
This busy fenced run is located in a beautiful park, and across from Crown State Beach. There are separate areas for big and small dogs. The surface is sand.
map it.
Alameda Small Dog Park website.

Point Isabel Regional Shoreline, Richmond
One of America’s largest and best off-leash dog spots. 22 prime acres on the shores of San Francisco Bay. It also includes Mudpuppy’s Sit and Stay cafe, which has coffee, pastries, sandwiches, a small store of pet-related merchandise, and a dog wash service!
map it.
Point Isabel Dog Owners website.

Cesar Chavez Park, Berkeley
This huge park offers panoramic views of the bay, Golden Gate Bridge, and the City. The unfenced off leash area is in the center of the park. Check the map and signage for where off leash starts and stops
map it.
Cesar Chavez website

Ohlone Dog Park, Berkeley
America’s first dog park.
map it.
Ohlone Dog Park Association website.

The Bulb, Albany
Once a dump for the Southern Pacific Railway dating to 1936, The Bulb is an eclectic combination of strange art, plants, and panoramic views. It also includes a lagoon your dogs can swim in, and a small beach.
map it.
History of the Bulb wiki
The Bulb’s website.

Oyster Bay Regional Park, San Leandro
A former landfill that East Bay Regional Parks is transforming into a park, Oyster Bay has wide open spaces for your dog to run and play, and great views of the bay and Oakland Airport. Off-leash access is currently being threatened at Oyster Bay.
map it.
East Bay Regional Parks Oyster Bay page.
Keep Oyster Bay Leash Free Facebook page.

  1. I walk at Pt. Isabel every week and recently noticed more “Lost Dog” notices. I also saw that a big gate by the outhouses was wide open to the bike trail…my dog decided to explore there but luckily I got him back. Also at the far end by the bike trail, there used to be a fence but it is now open. Seems much easier for a dog to escape, or lose his way from the regular route. This worries me.

  2. There are off leash trails in the Hills behind UC Berkeley. Here’s a link to Strawberry Canyon.


    I also recommend you check out the Panoramic Hill, Chaparral Peak and Claremont Canyon. All are off leash trails with amazing views of the bay and of the East Bay Hills.

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