ODOG East Bay Dog-Friendly Mapping Project

Map of Off-Leash Areas in the Oakland East Bay

Map of East Bay off-leash parks and trails, and dog-friendly bars and restaurants. Click to expand.

For a list of places to go with your dog, please visit our map of dog parks. In addition to the few fenced dog parks in Oakland, we added in the great unfenced options. We also included a few of the dog-friendly bars and restaurants that we knew of. We’re pretty sure we missed some of each of those categories, so please let us know! Drop us a line if you know of any other off-leash parks or trails, or dog-friendly bars and restaurants.

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  1. Hi, this is that couple… the map looks fantastic and is very helpful, thank you! We really appreciate having an awesome group like this in the area. Thanks to your advice, we’ll be advocating for more sanctioned dog parks. Be seeing you!

    • Thanks guys!!
      We really need everyone to write to the Chair of the Park and Rec Advisory Commission, Barry Miller, and tell him to support the proposed dog play area at Snow Park. His email is planbig@aol.com and CC: odogparks@comcast.net. There is a small group of nimbys opposed to it. They’ve written 25 letters and apparently that’s swaying him. Thank you, and it was really nice meeting you at Catfest!

  2. Missouri Lounge is a dog friendly bar and Tribu Cafe is also has some outdoor seating and is dog friendly

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