Mosswood Park from the air.

Historic Mosswood Park was once part of the large estate of J. Mora Moss and Julia Wood. Their ornate mansion still stands in the middle of the park. Oakland purchased this spot in 1907 and preserved it as a park.

“We transformed a garbage dump and shooting gallery with a dangerous, half-burned building into a facility that still sees enthusiastic use to this day,” said Seth Katz, who was part of the group that helped to build this park. “Today Mosswood Park is used by more people than ever before.”

The Big Dog run at Mosswood

There are two runs, one for large dogs and one for small dogs. You can reach the park from the parking lot on Webster Street near 36th Street. Mosswood is a large park with the dog park tucked along the edge between the tennis courts and the freeway side of the park. Dogs are not allowed in any part of the Park except the dog runs and some police will hold you to this so it is best to enter on Webster. The park also features a baseball field, soccer field, kids play area, community center, tennis courts and a community garden.

Location: 36th Street and Webster Street. map it.

Open: sunrise to sunset, no night lighting

Surface: dirt and wood chips

Parking: Lot available adjacent to the dog areas.

Mosswood has it’s own Yahoo Group for news and information.

Historic Moss-Wood Mansion in the middle of the park.

  1. Is the city going to do something about the giant homeless encampment between the dog park and the freeway? It is getting scary and generating a mountain of trash : (

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