Want to Keep Joaquin Miller Open More Days?

Come to the conversation with the park supervisor to discuss options for managing our opening/closing routines so that we have more days to use the dog park.  What are YOUR thoughts?——different gates? more volunteers? other ideas we haven’t thought of?  Of course, full time use or another location would be ideal but those options are not on the table.  The meeting had to be scheduled during park staff hours instead of the evening so spread the word .

Wednesday  August 22  2pm at the dog park.  

Have a great weekend everyone and please consider a visit to Redwood Bowl while our park is closed. The Bowl is up Skyline Blvd, with parking just before the Chabot Science Center . The bowl is a five minute walk from the parking lot. It is in the shade and very dog friendly, Nice picnic tables too.


About ODOG

Advocating for a fair share of parks where we can play with our dogs.

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  1. There is no time for sanity. Why! Why! Why!? is there a war on dogs and their people being out in nature? Please do not take away our freedoms to be outdoors togther. Closing another great open-space,park to dogs on leash or off, cannot be good for the mental health or physical health of our community. Target something else!! I want a dog to be my best friend. Where can I go ?….
    the pollution in the Bay Area is so bad now that my eyes sting and throat hurts. Bully industry and people that are trully offensive, not responsible dog owners.

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