Snow Park Brainstorm

The City is moving ahead with plans for a dog run at Snow Park near Lake Merritt. Join ODOG for an informal brainstorm to give them ideas for the best features for the new downtown dog park.

Saturday February 23
Snow Park at 19th & Harrison
Please contact for more information


About ODOG

Advocating for a fair share of parks where we can play with our dogs.

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  1. Big area for the small dog run.
    Really big area for the larger dogs.
    Tan Bark on the ground.
    Several 2 gate systems for entering & exiting.
    Bag dispensers.
    Garbage cans placed at the sides of the dog park NOT in the middle of the run.
    Water installed. Watering system to spray down tan bark when needed.
    No 90 degree angles on the fence to avoid trapping and bullying.
    Let’s build a dog run/park we can be proud of..finally in Oakland!

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