Speak Out for your dog on September 11

Two major items will be heard by the Parks Commission next Wednesday. We need dog lovers in the room that day to speak out for their pups and we need you to send emails to city officials.

  1. Come to the meeting Wednesday, September 11 4:30-6:30-7. It is fine to be late.
    Lakeside Garden Center, across from Fairyland
    666 Bellevue
    Sign up to speak on two items 1) Snow Park and 2) Dog Policy Draft
  2. Take a few minutes to scan the dog policy draft at dog policy DRAFT for website so that you understand why it is import to tell these people that we don’t want to be stuck in blighted and neglected parks in Oakland just because they think dogs are some sort of problem. There are some good ideas in this document but we have highlighted the recurring problem of not letting dog owners use nice park space. It also would require dog owners to pay special fees that no other park users pay on top of having to privately finance dog parks.
  3. Send an email with your support of Snow Dog Park and your comments on not wanting only crummy park space to the following list: planbig@aol.com, hagiular@oaklandnet.com, acamppbell-washington@oaklandnet.com, rflynn@oaklandnet.com, jquan@oaklandnet.com, council@oaklandnet.com

About ODOG

Advocating for a fair share of parks where we can play with our dogs.

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  1. I am going to canvas our street (18th street between MLK and Jefferson) for signatures. Is there an actual official form to do this with, or should I just whip one up and present it at the meeting on Sept 11th?

    • Megan. What a good idea. Please try to make a couple of copies for the meeting so that you can give them to a few of the officials and keep on. Just make up your own form. And be sure to include everyone’s general location or address. Thanks a ton. Emily for ODOG

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