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Dog Park Cliffhanger

The Lake Merritt Dog Park got the majority of votes on City Council last night but…….we need a “super majority” .  Four votes in our favor and three against. Five votes are needed to decide the issue  Council Member Jane Brunner wasn’t at the meeting so we couldn’t get the conclusive fifth vote from her. That will happen next time ! The council will hear the issue again Tuesday December 18 so mark your calendar now. Contact Jane Brunner at and let her know how much this dog park means to you.  Image



The East Bay Regional Park District is updating its Master Plan and will hold public hearings in September and October. Dog advocates need to turn out in LARGE NUMBERS at every single meeting.

You may have completed the park district’s online survey last year that included several questions about dogs. That was to gather info for the Master Plan. The 10,000 signatures we dog advocates gathered last year was in response to the survey and Master Plan update.

The new Master Plan will guide park district policies for the next 10 years or more. As it reads today, the new Master Plan will support building out new trails for “hikers, equestrians, and bike riders” – but not for people walking dogs.

Many popular trails have already closed to dogs (or now require dogs to be on leash), including Stream, Serpentine, and Dunn. Over time, trail closures and this new policy will gradually transform much of the park district into a place off-limits to people with dogs.

There will be six public meetings about the proposed policy changes in September and October. The first is in Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The complete schedule and locations are below.

It is CRITICAL that dog advocates turn out in large numbers at every meeting. Some very vocal groups are opposed to dogs (off leash or even on leash). THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE TO BE HEARD before the updated policies go to the Board of Directors for approval. Don’t give anyone the chance to say that “most people we heard from at
these community meetings were opposed to dogs.”

Even if you hate speaking in public – be there as a warm body in support of furry ones. NUMBERS COUNT. Bring your friends and family along, too.

We need to make it clear that people with dogs – who are 35% or more of the EBRPD’s park users today, and probably 40 percent of the East Bay taxpayer base – expect to continue to enjoy the parks with our dogs.

The changes to the existing park district policies can be viewedhere:

We need two important corrections.

RFA2 says: “The District will provide a diverse system of trails to accommodate a variety of recreational users including hikers and joggers, dog owners, bicyclists and equestrians. Both wide and narrow trails will be designed and individually designated to accommodate either single- or multiple uses, as appropriate, based on location,
recreational intensity, environmental and safety considerations.”

This essentially lists the major park user groups. We would like “dog owners” changed to “people with dogs.” Park users often walk another family member’s or a friend’s or a client’s dog.

RFA3 says: “The District will continue to add both designated and shared use narrow trails for hikers, equestrians and bike riders throughout the system of regional parklands.”

As written, this means that AS A MATTER OF POLICY the park district will be able to exclude people with dogs from all new trails. (And if they don’t – people who oppose dogs can challenge that by saying that it’s “not in the Master Plan.”)

This MUST be changed. The park district should not implement a blanket policy that excludes a major group of park users/supporters.

Please note that these policies were extensively vetted over the past 18 months by staff, the Board, the Park Advisory Committee, and many others. Logically, all the user groups in RFA2 should have been repeated in RFA3 — so we can’t just assume that leaving people with dogs off the list was an oversight. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t.
But if we don’t speak out it won’t change.


September 11, 2012
7 – 8:30 p.m. – Oakland
Richard Trudeau Training Center
Redwood Regional Park
11500 Skyline Blvd
Oakland, CA 94619

September 19, 2012
7 – 8:30 p.m. – Concord
Concord Senior Center
2727 Parkside Circle
Concord, CA 94519

September 22, 2012
10 – 11:30 a.m. – Oakley
Big Break Visitor Center at the Delta
Big Break Regional Shoreline
69 Big Break Road
Oakley, CA 94561

September 29, 2012
10 – 11:30 a.m. – Fremont
Fremont Community Center
40000 Paseo Padre Pkwy.
Fremont, CA 94538

October 3, 2012
7 – 8:30 p.m. – Dublin
Dublin Unified School District
Board Room
7471 Larkdale Ave.
Dublin, CA 94568

October 9, 2012
7 – 8:30 p.m. – Richmond
Richmond Memorial Auditorium
Bermuda Room
403 Civic Center Plaza
Richmond, CA 94804

Want to Keep Joaquin Miller Open More Days?

Come to the conversation with the park supervisor to discuss options for managing our opening/closing routines so that we have more days to use the dog park.  What are YOUR thoughts?——different gates? more volunteers? other ideas we haven’t thought of?  Of course, full time use or another location would be ideal but those options are not on the table.  The meeting had to be scheduled during park staff hours instead of the evening so spread the word .

Wednesday  August 22  2pm at the dog park.  

Have a great weekend everyone and please consider a visit to Redwood Bowl while our park is closed. The Bowl is up Skyline Blvd, with parking just before the Chabot Science Center . The bowl is a five minute walk from the parking lot. It is in the shade and very dog friendly, Nice picnic tables too.

CLOSING SCHEDULE for Joaquin Miller

* Friday-Sunday, August 10 – 12 – Producer Associates Performances (Close August 9 @ 6 pm, Reopen August 13 @ 10 am)
* Thursday-Sunday, August 16 – 19 – Producer Associates Performances (Close August 15 @ 6 pm, Reopen August 20 @ 10 am)
* Friday-Sunday, September 7 – 9 – Producer Associates Performances (Close September 6 @ 6 pm, Reopen September 10 @ 10 am)
* Thursday-Sunday, September 13 – 16 – Producer Associates Performances (Close September 12 @ 6 pm, Reopen September 17 @ 10 am)
* Sunday, September 23 – Sundays in the Redwoods (Close September @ 6 pm, Reopen September 24 @ 10 am)
* Sunday, September 30 – Sundays in the Redwoods (Close September 29 @ 6 pm, Reopen October 1 @ 10 am)
* Sunday, October 7 – Sundays in the Redwoods (Close October 6 @ 6 pm, Reopen October 8 @ 10 am)
* Sunday, October 14 – Sundays in the Redwoods (Close October 13 @ 6 pm, Reopen October 15 @ 10 am)

Hardy Park Neighbors Needed!

Are you interested in improving Hardy Park?

We’re looking for ODOG folks who live in the Rockridge/Temescal area! We need to get ODOG representatives to the Scenic Streets’ August 18th Hardy Park meeting. The neighborhood is preparing to get feedback and ideas for improving the dog run a Hardy Park, and the adjacent streetscape under the highway.

 The meeting is at

Hardy Dog Park
Saturday, August 18th

If you’re interested in more information, please contact Jonah Chiarenza

Dog Walk at Lake Merritt

Join the Dog Walk at the Lake this Saturday. Gather at the Pergola 10-11, walking starts about 11am.  All well-behaved dogs on leash are welcome. The Pergola or Colonnade is at the East end of the Lake, easily reached from Grand Avenue near Gold’s Gym. Be sure to give your parking meter plenty o’ money for the time you want to spend walking.  Bring poop bags and water for (wo)man and Beast. 

Save Lake Merritt Dog Park

Can just three people kill a project that has a ten year history of trying to serve the dog owners of Oakland? Yes, that is what happened when the Oakland Planning Commission voted to turn down the MINOR conditional use permit for the dog park last month. 

But we are not done yet. We know the parks commission approved the dog park and the planning department staff recommended approval.  Everyone knows the City needs it and it was approved in theory ten years ago.

That’s why ODOG filed an appeal with the City Council. Our new hearing date is Tuesday September 18th, 6-10pm. We expect ODOGGERS to turn out in full force to show counteract the ill will of the dog park opponents.  Mark your calendar now. Keep up to date at the Lakeview Dog Park site.

Woof Time at Summer Theater

Tired of finding the dog park CLOSED during the summer.  What we need is a user friendly gate system at Joaquin Miller Park. And we’ve got a great fundraiser to make that happen.

Join us for  Fiddler on the Woof –Oakland’s unique evening under the stars for dogs and the people who love them.  Enjoy a  pre-performance  BYO picnic and silly party with your pup and then see the traditional Fiddler in Full Dress Rehearsal at  Joaquin Miller Park.

Thursday July 12 6pm picnic and party / 8pm performance  Get your tickets now. Adults $25  Kids $20 and every $$ helps the dog park.

Fiddler on the WOOF Dog Park Fundraiser

Fiddler on the Woof –Oakland’s unique evening under the stars for dogs and the people who love them.  Enjoy a  pre-performance  BYO picnic and silly party with your pup and then see the traditional Fiddler in Full Dress Rehearsal at  Joaquin Miller Park.

Thursday July 12 6pm picnic and party / 8pm performance  Get your tickets now. Adults $25  Kids $20 and every $$ helps the dog park.

Fiddler on the WOOF

Fabulous show is more fabulous now because you can bring your dog to Fiddler on the WOOF, pre-performance picnic and then see the real Fiddler performed under the stars at Joaquin Miller Park.  Save the date–July 12.  Get your tickets now. Adults $25  Kids $20 and every $$ helps the dog park.