Joaquin Miller

JMP Dog Park Jan 28 2007 10The large and small dog parks total 1.25 acres in Joaquin Miller Park, a 500 acre park near Redwood Regional Park. It was originally home to the poet Joaquin Miller, who deeded these lands which he called “The Hights” to the city after his death in 1913.

The dog park is located amongst the redwood trees, and features night lighting until 8 p.m., and separate areas for large and small dogs. The small dog park is named Gizmoland, after a former Oakland Councilmember’s dog.

Note: Periodically during the summer, the dog park closes down to accommodate parking for Woodminster Theater. Closure dates will be posted here. The rest of Joaquin Miller Park is available to dog walkers, but they must be leashed.

Location: On Sanborn Drive, in Joaquin Miller Park, just before you get to Woodminster Theater.
Map it.

Open: sunrise to 8 p.m.

Surface: wood chips

Parking: plenty of free parking

Joaquin Miller Park website

  1. No lights again tonight 1/25/11.

    I walked my dog around on the well lit parking lot up the hill.

  2. Where are the Joachin Miller Dog Park closure dates posted? Looking around the site, but can’t find anything.

  3. Finally- wood chips have been delivered to the small dog park!! Bring your rake….

  4. The dog park was closed again today (FriIday, 9/28) same as last week. It is not scheduled to be closed either on this website or on posted schedules at the dog park. It would be nice to know ahead of time.

  5. Went to visit the JM dog park this morning at 10 a.m., but the gate to the park was locked. Do you know if this is a regularly scheduled closure or a blip? I’ve searched the park site, but wasn’t able to find any info.

    • The park gates were closed because the city had a furlough day and/or it was President’s day holiday. We have been begging them to post a schedule of the days the gates are locked but so far no results. You can still walk in to the park and use the dog park. You are likely to find the yellow gate locked
      March 29-April 1
      Friday May 3
      Friday June 14
      There will be 2 days in May or June when the dog park is closed for the day
      There will be 6 days in July and 6 in August and 6 in September when the dog park is closed although the rest of the park is open.

    • Hey Teresa, It wasn’t a planned closure. those generally only happen during the summer. It may have been a furlough day for the city. Best bet when that happens is to call either Public Works or Park & Rec. and see what’s up. Keep us posted.

  6. Why is the park closed today, November 29th? My dog was very disappointed!

    • The dog park at Joaquin Miller is open today. The gate to the park was not opened, probably because most city workers have the day off. Park outside the gate, and walk in to the dog park. There were lots of people there this morning.

  7. Parking outside the gates and walking into the dog park is not an option when you are disabled!

  8. There were helpful signs put up at the small dog park at JM on 4/19/14 that stated the days that were designated for small dogs, and seperate days for large dogs. I’m here now, 4/21/14 and all the signs about the schedule are gone. Did someone take them down to be difficult?

    • I’ve been informed that they’ve made it so the big dogs can get into their park through the back gate, so the small dog park is back to small dogs only.

  9. Richard Behrman and Cody

    Now the problem with both the big and small dog park is that there is no water for thirsty dogs. Who do we call to fix this?

  10. There is a padlock on the outer gate of the two-gate system at the small dog park, which doesn’t allow that gate to latch. Any way this can be removed? It negates the escape-free theory of the two gate system. Thanks!

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