Lake Merritt Dog Park Update, Karin Hogan Memorial

Lake Merritt Dog Park Update: We Need Letters
The next step in getting our proposed dog park near Lake Merritt built is to get it approved by the Oakland Planning Commission. Opponents to the park have been sending emails to the Commission, and we need to make sure our voice is heard! Please send emails supporting this project to Ann Clevenger at, and CC:

Karin Hogan

Memorial Service for Karin Hogan
Sadly, longtime user of the dog park at Joaquin Miller Park, Karin Hogan (who’s dog is Layla) passed away in November. Her friends from the dog park are having a memorial service for her at the dog park on Sunday, January 8th at 10 am. Karin’s mom will be coming out from Maine for the service, and would like to meet her dog park friends. If you want to send a note to Karin’s mom, please send it to


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  1. Email I just sent


    I STRONGLY support a Dog Park at Lake Merrit

    I live at golflinks/880 in oakland, and have an 8 month old Malamute puppy. We bought our house here 3 years ago, in large part so we could ford a backyard large enough to have a large dog.

    We are regular visitors to the Point Isobel dog park (in contra costa county) . A usual visit involves a stop at the cafe at the park, and (often) a visit to businesses in nearby Richmond (Joannes fabrics, various others).

    We ALSO regularly go to Livermore, and the several off-leash areas there. If you take a visit to Livermore you can see a thriving walkable downtown on first street, filled with pet owners spending money at outside cafes, pubs, etc, with none of the alarmist issues dog haters bring up.

    Let’s face it, the folks who can afford to own dogs in this economy tend to have decent amounts of discretionary income, and I would prefer to see that money spent locally.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me, at Please feel free to republish this missive in it’s entirely.

    Mick Magill

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