Regional Parks Clamping Down

We met with the East Bay Regional Parks and learned about proposed changes that will curtail dog owner access to off leash areas in Tilden,  Redwood, Dunn Trail, Leona and parks throughout the park district.

  • The first 200 feet (or is it yards) of trail heads will be leash required. They think this will help with the poop pick up problem.


  • The Serpentine Prairie will become leash required. There have been two serious horse accidents caused by dogs off leash and the riders have petitioned the park for this change. The Serpentine Prairie is also known at the Training Center, 11500 Skyline  and the Dunn Trail. This is the area that was fenced off two years ago, forcing the dogs and horses onto the same narrow trails.


  • Professional dog walkers will be restricted from some of their current trails and might be routed to other trails. With a finite number of trails and and increasing human and dog population we don’t see how this can work.

About ODOG

Advocating for a fair share of parks where we can play with our dogs.

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  1. One has to conclude that this is all premeditated and part of the master plan to eliminate off-leash dogs from the trails without looking like it was planned. Force dogs and horses to share a limited number of single-track trails where they both used to be able to run free and be animals. Force professional dog walkers onto even fewer trails and wait for problems so they can even further restrict their use. It’s the same old story folks. I had a horse owner at the serpentine prarie get off her horse and say some things to me the other day. I couldn’t hear her but she clearly wasn’t pleased with me or my dog. Both my dog and I were at least 20 yards from her and her horse… I rarely go up there anymore even though it is the closest off-leash park to my home. It’s not the same since the fence went up. How about forcing the horse owners to walk their horses in certain areas where dogs run free? We are disregarded as the enemy. It surprises me as I would think more people in law creation and enforcement would have animals and would support our animals. I mainly go to the Bulb now but it appears the same thing is happening there. Soon rules were surface and as the rules are broken, dogs will be eliminated. It’s really sad.

  2. A couple bad apples . . . well, more than a couple. I pick up my dog’s poo, even when I’m on my mountain bike in Redwood. I hope they choose to enforce the current and proposed 200-feet leash laws rather than continue curtailing access for those of us (the majority) who clean up after and can safely control our dogs…

  3. When and where is the vote for the proposed change to the Serpentine/Dunn trails? Were the two horse incidents caused by dogs? (ie dog attacking horse?) It’s close to impossible to find this info on ebayparks website?

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