Daily Archives: May 15, 2013

ODOG East Bay Dog-Friendly Mapping Project

Map of Off-Leash Areas in the Oakland East Bay

Map of East Bay off-leash parks and trails, and dog-friendly bars and restaurants. Click to expand.

Last weekend at the Oakland CatVidFest, a very nice couple came up to the ODOG table. They just moved to Oakland from the East Coast, and suggested that we pull together a map of dog parks for our website. We thought that was a great idea! In addition to the few fenced dog parks in Oakland, we added in the great unfenced options. We also included a few of the dog-friendly bars and restaurants that we knew of. We’re pretty sure we missed some of each of those categories, so please let us know! Drop us a line if you know of any other off-leash parks or trails, or dog-friendly bars and restaurants.