Comments Needed for Snow Park Project

Aerial Shot of Snow ParkThe Oakland Planning Department posted notice on Friday, seeking public comment on the proposed Lake Merritt area dog park at Snow Park. It’s imperative that we speak out for this project, and the need to have a safe, legal spot for people with dogs in Central Oakland. We know that most of you have written countless times — but please take 5 minutes to send an email today.

Send your email 

And, cc:

Start your letter with two important phrases:

  1. Please APPROVE the dog run at Snow Park
  2. A dog run at Snow Park adds to the livablity of the neighborhood and the city.

You can also include the following information:

  • Where you live
  • If you would walk to the dog park
  • If you would combine the visit to the dog park with other activities such a caring for kids, shopping, walk at the Lake

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  1. Cont… and Mosswood /small dog side by Broadway Kaiser. Years ago Ohlone Dogpark on Hearst/Milvia I enjoyed it and made do many friends with people and dogs both. The fact is that dogparks lessen crime and put eyes out for anything that looks weird or off kilter – Dogpark users cam heads up ie, phone in any observations to 911 if necessary, and nip small problems in the bud. The cooperation has to come dog park users — to clean up and tp follow reasonable self imposed ruled about poop pickup (critical issue!) Using gates to separate by size (so everyone gets a safe time to play!) And noise hours of use ie, be cool with noise or you have crabby neighbors! This can all work. This can be done and the time is come to get this community asset to happen at Snow Park. Please pass on the word to others to write an email showing support and encouragement so the dogs can be walked and cared for. You will also meet the most wonderful people when out walking dogs!

  2. phoenix jackson

    SNOW PARK UPDATE, Nov. 2013: If you (& 10 of your friends) haven’t sent letters to support Dog Area at Snow Park, they are due Tues., Nov. 12. SO PLEASE WRITE ASAP! Send to & cc: BEFORE NOV. 12!

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